Noble High School, Gurugram

Address:Block G/2, Sushant Lok II, Sector 57, Gurugram, Haryana-122003

Phone: 8586984545, 7838654477

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Noble High is a school created for those who want to advance in life through learning and studies. It is built around the idea that to excel in academics is of supreme importance. When learning is joyful, a child learns better and faster. The more we burden and put pressure on children, the less efficient the process of learning becomes. To help children flourish, we need to ensure that they receive stress-free education and experience joyful learning. At Noble High, our approach is to inspire children, and to help them enjoy each and every step towards learning and growth.

A school needs to be built around a child for an inspiring, inviting, and positive environment. Children respond strongly to what they see, hear and feel. To make learning a pleasant and exciting experience, a child needs a stimulating environment. At Noble High, every care has gone into creating a school that has space for freedom and unconstrained growth. The infrastructure employs latest technologies and has been constructed to keep our students safe, secure and at ease.

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Updated on: [July 31, 2019]