Elegant International School, Hosur

Address:Mathigiri X Road, Behind RTO, Opp. VHL, Hosur, Tamil Nadu-560032

Phone: 9677661033

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Website: www.elegantintschool.com

The Elegant International School is established by group of engineers.The group realized the importance of modern education in all the religious disciplines of Islam at an affordable cost. With this aim we founded ELEGANT INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL (EIS) under ELEGANT EDUCATIONAL AND WELFARE TRUST (R) to provide a caring safe and well-ordered environment for children to develop their educational skills and practice Islam.

Mission statement The vision of EIS is to provide the tools to produce well-educated, confident and charismatic Du'aat (callers to Islam) on the method of the noble companions of our noble messenger of Allah (saws). We envision every child that studies with the EIS curriculum to be positioned to pursue higher degrees at leading Universities around the world in both Academic and Religious education,

The School Advisory Council consists of members from varied backgrounds who will assist the school with perspectives, Ideas and inputs for school improvement in all disciplines. The panel has total 6 members including the advisor Dr. Inyath Ulla (Professor Bangalore University), Shaikh Sabir Ali Umri & 1 member from the parent body.

Visitors: [1458]

Updated on: [January 05, 2021]