Billabong High International School, Puducherry

Address:2365/A, JJ Nagar, Moolakulam, Puducherry , Tamil Nadu-605010

Phone: 0413 2295444

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Billabong school comes under the (brand name / auspices) of Billabong High lnternational school. The word “Billabong” according to the Australian Aboriginal tribe, means “still water lagoon”, which is mostly spring water that is pure and is a complete mini eco – system. ln other words, Billabong strives to wholeheartedly serve children to make learning a joyful and meaningful experience. Billabong school has been established by Sam Paul Educational Trust, with Dr. S.R.S’ Paul M.E, Ph.D, B.L as its founder chairman.

The other group institutions include Stansford lnternational Hr. Sec. School at Moolakulam, which was established in 2006,Christ College of Engineering and Technology, Moolakulam, puducherry, Dr.S.J.S Paul Memorial college of Engineering and Technology, Thondamanatham, puducherry, Dr. Anbu Paul Teacher Training lnstitute, Dr. Anbu Paul college of Education and Pauls Teacher Training lnstitute, all at Thuthipet, Paulsons Teacher Training lnstitute and paulsons Teacher Training College at Vanur, Canan Paulsons lnstitute of Hotel Management and Catering Technology, ThuthiPet.

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