Kangaroo Kids, Gandhidham

Address:Plot No. 120, Sector 2, Near Balvatika Circle, Gandhidham, Gujarat-370201

Phone: 9879001947

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General Helpline No.: 9971516996 (or SMS 'CALL')
CLASSES: Play Group

As pioneers in the education space, KKEL introduced new age learning to India, initially in the Preschool space and then in the K-12 space.

Founded by Lina Ashar in 1993, the organization has more than 25 years dedicated to creating meaning, purpose and a love of learning. KKEL is spread across 4 countries (India, Dubai, Maldives & Qatar) with 100+ schools operating in 40 cities.

KKEL is known for its exceptional and unique instructional design. Its curriculum has been awarded 36 times. All our instructional design is based on neuroscience. We are constantly challenging ourselves to craft novel and engaging experiences using research based theories on how the brain best learns, what motivates it and keeps it engaged, how to access and ignite emotional connections to learning.

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