Mount Litra Zee School, Bijnore

Address:Meerut Pauri Natinal Highway, Kherki Crossing , Barrage Road, Bijnore, Uttar Pradesh-246701

Phone: 7534800050

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CLASSES: Play Group to VIIth

Imagine a school… in which all students are so excited about school that they can hardly wait to get there. Imagine… having little or no ‘discipline problems’ because the students are so engaged in their studies that those problems disappear. Imagine… yourself calling, sending notes or coming to school to tell us about the dramatic changes you are witnessing in your children: e.g. newly found enthusiasm and excitement for school, a desire to work on projects and research after school. Imagine… your children making exceptional growth in their basic skills of reading, writing, speaking, listening, researching, scientific explorations, math, multimedia and more!

Mount Litera Zee School Maheshtala is one such school. It endeavours to prepare leaders of the 21st century. It believes children are not just roll numbers; they are unique individuals, having infinite potential. Keeping the child in focus we filter all our decisions and actions. We ensure single- minded devotion to each child’s growth and development. School thus becomes a place which all students look forward to, where learning is fun resulting in an exponential growth in all spheres of learning.

Visitors: [730]

Updated on: [April 13, 2021]