Walsingham House School, Mumbai

Address:80, Lady Jagmohandas Road, Mumbai , Maharashtra-400006

Phone: 022 23625191, 23619241

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Website: www.walsinghamschool.org
CLASSES: Nursery To Xth

Welcome to Walsingham House School
Several decades of experience has today culminated into Walsingham House School being an institution of academic excellence, synonymous with providing young girls with quality, world class education. We take pride in distinguishing ourselves as an all-girls establishment, one that is able to provide its students the kind of dedicated focus and attention that is required for them to reach their full potential. Our illustrious list of alumni is a fine example of young women who have proven themselves in the fields of Arts, Sciences and the Humanities.

Walsingham trains children to fit into society, without restricting their curiosity; we provide structured avenues through which they are encouraged to display their creativity and think critically. Most importantly, however, the School firmly believes in moulding students not only into confident and able individuals, but also conscientious, empathetic and compassionate citizens.
Our motto In Felicitate Laborabus, which means in happiness we work, sets the tone every day. The faculty caters not only to the intellectual development of children, but also strives to forge bonds with them to strengthen the teaching learning process. For us, teaching is an enjoyable, exciting and challenging experience towards shaping the future leaders of tomorrow.

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