South Point High School, Kolkata

Address:82/7A Ballygunge Place, Kolkata , West Bengal-700019

Phone: 033 24406208, 24406385

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CLASSES: Sr. Secondary

South Point provides a completely nurturing environment to its students. Attention is paid to every little detail of all the facilities so that a Pointer’s stay in School is happy, smooth and carefree.

South Point has a most upgraded computer system and software, ensuring a smoother running of School affairs and easing out everyone’s association with School – students, teachers and guardians. It covers admission, examination and report cards, fee collection, transport and issuing caution money or transfer certificates. The user-friendly, flexible and secure system now puts the data at our fingertips – literally!

Just one example to show how the upgraded software has simplified the huge process of admission: registration, detailed entry of application, interviews, selection, availability of integrated information during interviews – all of these are now done swiftly, with Principals even assessing children online.

The advanced search facility is of great help. Similarly, examinations and printing of Progress Reports, laser-printed for the first time, are done in greater detail, comprising personal traits, conduct and attendance percentage.The fee collection process can update parents on payment status without hassle. The new Class VI admission form now comes with semi-filled information on a child, minimizing wastage of time.

The software used are Visual Basic (Front End), SQL Server (Back End) and Crystal Reports. Other projects in the pipeline are online staff information, Library, teachers’ timetable, attendance, payroll and leave maintenance of staff-members.

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Updated on: [September 12, 2017]