Amrita Vidyalayam, Ahmedabad

Address:Plot No. 83, Nr. Revamani Hall, Ghatlodia, Ahmedabad, Gujarat-380061

Phone: 079 27452009, 27494563

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CLASSES: Sr. Secondary

The Amrita Vidyalayam at Ahmedabad was established on 5th March 2003 under the auspicious blessings of Amma. The Vidyalayam started off with education under CBSE syllabus upto Std. III. Today there are more than 1680 students undergoing education in our campus and the school is affiliated to the CBSE upto Std. XII. Value Education and meditation classes are conducted in our school. Our Value Education programme is not restricted only to an allotted period per week. Every available opportunity- from morning assembly to regular classes-is used for promulgating values. It is our experience that even while teaching mathematics, there is ample scope for sowing the seeds of good values. Our students are trained to develop a responsible attitude towards themselves, the school and society at large. Sanskrit chants, bhajans, meditation and yoga also from a part of Value Education programme. While the emphasis is on traditional Indian culture and values, the children are trained to respect all cultures and faiths. Every school day starts with Assembly, during which the children chant Ammaís meditation sloka (verse) and a prayer for the welfare of all beings. We have different prayers for each day-Vedic chants, peace invocations are all part of the program. A chapter from the sacred Srimad Bhagawad Gita is chanted during assembly. The school breaks with the National Anthem. Our approach to Value Education is also in line with two important conclusions drawn from recent studies conducted under the aegis of UNESCO and other organizations at Tokyo, Japan:

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