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CLASSES: Sr. Secondary

The need for development was always felt by the nation and things became worse after Independence as dependence on others was the main cause. In such an alarming situation, the need for united efforts were realized where all the societies of the nation in form of the Government sector, private sector, the rich and the poor all were required to join hands for a common cause and the common cause was to uplift the level of education in the nation for a better tomorrow.

The Meenakshi Ammal Trust came into existence in the eventful year of 1983 where a public charitable and educational trust was formed by a pioneer of development, Mrs. Meenakshi Ammal. The motive behind formation of this esteemed trust was to realize the potential within the poor students who could not make it to higher levels of study due to insufficient funds for education. The Trust from the date of its formation has contributed to many fields of education and development such as the Dental and Paramedical Institutions, various hospitals, libraries, etc.Availability of benefits by the trust is mainly visualized in form of providing the students with scholarships and awards to the students along with grants and aids for the purpose of contributing to the field of education.

Added to it, efforts for under privileged children and handicapped students are also made which believes that each person has a hidden potential within himself.The day of 14th June 2004, saw the establishment of Meenakshi Academy of Higher Education and Research Trust which at the present date represents as of the most prestigious Deemed University where one of the most profound lecturers and reputed teaching is provided to the upcoming pioneers of the nation. At the present date, Meenakshi University is upon a march which aims at achieving a status of national solution which can provide education to millions of Indians who belong to separate class and educate them under the same roof in order to bring back the united forces of the nation which can boost up the long awaited development which the country has been demanding since the eve of independence.

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