International Sahaja Public School, Dharamshala

Address:Talnoo, Kangra Dist, Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh-176216

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The school is situated at Talnoo, Dharamshala, a beautiful spot situated in the lap of the Himalayan ranges called Dhaulagiri. Dhaulagiri means the pure, white and sacred mountain. The school is surrounded by breath-taking views of snow-capped mountains on one side and panoramic vistas of far-below valleys on the other, which not only gives a sense of the protective hand of the Divine, but also enhances the beauty of the school buildings.

Shri Mataji visited Talnoo in March 1985. In a speech which She gave at the site of the school, She said:

'The Himalayas are the Sahasrara that Mother Earth has created for you. This Sahasrara is to be worshipped. This Sahasrara is very great. I don't know if you can see vibrations emitting from it. I am completely engulfed by their vibrations that I cannot see anything else. There are only vibrations and vibrations. Nothing else. Those who are residing here are swimming in vibrations and seem like fish swimming in the ocean of vibrations. You cannot distinguish one from the other. I cannot describe in words the splendor of the beautiful vibrations that are spread here. This is indeed the blessings of the Himalayas.

The Himalayas are the Sahasrara of the whole Universe. They have given the whole Universe so much comfort and joy after which there is nothing more to be attained. With the help of this Sahasrara, I have opened your Sahasrara.

Shri Mataji has provided young Sahaja Yogis from all over the world with, not only a unique education, but the opportunity to get drenched in those heavenly vibrations, so that the peace and timelessness of the Himalayas settles in them and its greatness penetrates their character. International Sahaja Public School is the concrete form of Her vision.

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