Sri Kanchi Mahaswami Vidya Mandir, Chennai

Address:Rajakilapakkam, Tambaram , Chennai, Tamil Nadu-600073

Phone: 8870143888, 8870666996

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CLASSES: Sr. Secondary

The Vidya Mandir has in one campus Dr. L. M. Singhvi Veda Patashala and a CBSE school. It offers you a choice of two educational systems: the Vedic + CBSE system, or just the CBSE discipline. There are about 225 students enrolled for dual education. The total student strength in 2015 was 850. this year the enrolement is envisaged to reach 1200.

In case, you opt for the combination of Vedic + CBSE school, your child will stay in the beautiful hostel. The hostel has contemporary amenities and provides comfortable and safe environment congenial for studies. This is meant only for boys. The faculty for the Dr. L. M. Singhvi Veda Patashala live in the campus, facilitating a more intensive interaction between your child and his Guru, enabling a strong mentoring relationship. This replicates the gurukula system of ancient times.

The student attends the Veda Patashala in the early morning and evening hours and attend the CBSE School during regular school hours. He will thus experience the unique combination of traditional instruction in a gurukula style and modern education in a typical class room setting. This balance will help him acquire a holistic education that will form a valuable foundation for his future. It will thus equip him to face a fast changing world through an informed value based approach to life.

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