Kendriya Vidyalaya No.1 CPCRI Kasaragod

Address:CPCRI, Kasaragod, Kerala-671124

Phone: 04994 232787
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AFFILIATED TO: CBSE Affiliation-900009

Started in August 1980, it was initially meant to meet the educational requirements of children of the employees of the CPCRI an organization under (I C A R). KV CPCRI is situated in Kasaragod, an educationally backward district of Kerala. Hence the Vidyalaya has done commendably for the educational needs and progress of this area.

The school functions in a compact building provided by the CPCRI as it is a Project School. Though the building is a small one, it is fully equipped to cater to all the needs of teaching-learning process of the students. It is a single section school and has twelve class rooms. The class rooms have the seating capacity for about 30 students. Apart from the class rooms there are separate laboratory for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer Science. The laboratories have the necessary infrastructure making it convenient for the students to conduct their experiments.
For detailed reference, we have a library that has 5520 books. We also have a language laboratory with LCD TV Monitor. The labs also have the necessary furniture. To enhance the performance of the students in sports and games there are separate courts for Volley ball and Hand ball and a ground for Foot ball. The school also has different sports equipment too to suit the interest of the students.
The Vidyalaya has two rooms for the staff. One of the staff rooms is used as the Mathematics Laboratory too.
The central part of the building is a quadrangle. The morning assembly and other activities are conduced here. We have a permanent stage too.

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