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Address:K-15, Hauz Khaz Enclave, New Delhi, Delhi-110016

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CLASSES: Pre School

We follow Early Years Foundation Stage programme (EYFS) which consists of six areas of learning and development:
Personal, social and emotional development:
This area is all about developing a positive sense of self and respect for others, social skills including dressing, undressing and washing, as well as having an enthusiasm for learning.

Communication, Language and Reading Readiness:
Children develop confidence and competence in communicating, speaking and listening. Through hands on activities we teach letter recognition, phonics, vocabulary building, comprehension skills and development of good listening skills. We promote a love for books in our students.
Problem Solving, Reasoning and Numeracy:
Developing a growing understanding of problem solving and numbers, through stories, songs, games and play. Children become comfortable with numbers and use language such as 'heavier than' or 'bigger'. Besides number recognition, the children learn to count, one to one correspondence, sort and classify and learn basic addition and subtraction.
Knowledge and understanding of their surroundings:
Learning to make sense of the world, finding out about the natural environment by exploration and discovery, using tools and different materials to make things and exploring ICT.
Physical development:
Children are helped to develop skills of coordination, control, manipulation and movement and to understand the importance of a healthy diet and lifestyle.
Creative development:
Developing imagination and creativity in art, music, movement, dance, imaginative and role-play activities. Children also develop life skills through art activities.

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