DAV Public School, Rajrappa Project

Address:Rajrappa Project, CCL, Ramgarh, Jharkhand-829150

Phone: 9234300963, 9431146682

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Website: davrajrappa.in

Our Motto
The motto of the school is “Service Before Self”. As is self evident from our motto, we believe in attending to the needs of society first. We call upon our students also to give priority to serving the interest of other people first. Along with service to society we are also making an effort to train and familiarize our students with the latest technology. Computer education is an integral part of curriculum. We help the students to develop intellectual clarity and power to think independently.

Our Ambition
Our ambition is to dedicate ourselves to the development of the mighty country through education. We have already sent our 400+ students as professionals to serve in various fields such as Medical, Engineering, Army, Air-Force, Navy, Banking, Computer Technology, Law, Chartered Accountancy, Fashion Designing, etc. We are confident that these students will not only serve their concerned departments sincerely but also be morally upright and honest.

Integrated Learning
The school has a healthy, dynamic and conductive environment for teaching learning process facilitated by highly competent and well experienced teaching staff applying modern means, techniques and skills of teaching.
Teaching is not a profession; it is a mission – a mission of turning our ideal citizens for the country. Both the teachers and the students are enabled to enjoy their work, even the complex and complicated ones with sincere care and effort. The children are given opportunities to let their expressions have exposure to real life situations and their innate capacity is developed through co-curricular activities viz., excursions, SUPW, debates, declamations, dramatics, quizzes, etc. to strengthen their mental faculty. Emphasis is also laid on the development of analytical thinking and constructive vision of the world as a whole.

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