DAV Public School, Cheeka Distt.

Address:Guhla Road, Cheeka Distt., Kaithal, Haryana-136034

Phone: 01743 221459

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Website: davschoolcheeka.com
CLASSES: Sr. Secondary

DAV SR. SEC. PUBLIC SCHOOL, CHEEKA came into existence in 1983 during the nirwan shatabdi of Maharishi Dayanand. This school blossomed as a twig in the colossal tree of DAV movement which has completed 125 years of selfless and meritorious service in the field of education. It has made its existence felt on the firmament of educational world as it stresses not only the fundamental value of life but also the academic excellence as well as balanced and harmonious development of personality of the future citizens of our country. This school is one of the chains of public schools started by the DAV College Trust and Management Society, New Delhi in the length and breadth of the country, mainly with a view to perpetuate the memory of our great and seer, Swami Dayanand Saraswati and provide quality education through the medium of English with the background of Indian cultural heritage.

The school is situated on Guhla Road. It is housed in an impressive own building having 50 rooms. This school has taken rapid strides because of excellent academic board results and co-curricular activities in all spheres.

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