The Legends School of Education, Srinagar

Address:Kanitar, Sadarbal, Hazratbal, Srinagar, Jammu Kashmir-190006

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School Facilities
Technology Enabled Classrooms
To make the learning more effective and enjoyable the school has entered into a collaboration with EDUCOMP SMART CLASS PROGRAM. Many classrooms are converted into technology enabled smartclass rooms equipped with interactive digiboard systems and LCD projectors. Teachers use the digital resources such as animation, video clips & simulated models to teach the specific topics enabling a multi-sensory learning experience for the students. Thus, The Legends School now holds the distinction of being one of the few Smart Schools of the valley to use this interactive Educomp smart class programme & technology.

Library is the nerve centre, a mirror and catalytic element of the academic functioning of any institution. Open shelf system Is available to the students where every student has free access to any book. The library includes large volumes of reading and reference material at present.

Science Laboratory
Learning by doing opportunities help students in reviewing and reinforcing scientific & experimental concepts and developing investigative skills. At The Legends School students are encouraged not only to listen and observe but also to participate. For this purpose physic, chemistry & biology laboratory is available to the students of different levels.

From Chalk 'N' Talk to Click 'N' Learn
The' "State-of-the-Art" Computer laboratory is an exciting playground for children to learn the latest software application & programming languages as a tool for everyday work. Multimedia is extensively used to supplement what is taught in the classroom.

Islamic and Moral Education.
A successful and happy individual is one who has not only developed mentally, intellectually and physically but morally spiritually and religiously as well. Thus, Islamic and Moral Education is not just an extra subject but forms an integral part of the curriculum at The Legends. Each child right from the Pre-Nursery class attends the Islamiyat class regularly.

Sports & Games
A healthy body is an important pre-requisite for a sound mind. All too often this basic principle gets overlooked. At The Legends School we spend a great deal of time to ensure that the child gets sufficient time to exercise & play.
The School has facilities for both indoor games like Table Tennis, Carom, Chess etc. & outdoor games like Badminton, Cricket, Kho Kho, Handball etc.

Camp & Excursion
We value academic performance at The Legends, but we also value fun! Outdoor Camps; Treks and Tours are organized every year to give the children educational and recreational exposure. The importance of these outdoor and adventure activities cannot be undermined as they offer children the experiences to face the hardships and challenges of life and also inculcate in them a spirit of adventure and love for wildlife and nature.

It's Lunch Time
Special care is taken in feeding our buds. Children who do not normally eat at home, start eating with their friends. Thus, eating in peer-group not only improves child's nutrition, but also teaches good food habits and table manners.

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