Hamara School, Aligarh

Address:Street No 6, Mallah ka Nagla, Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh-202002

Phone: 9368345383
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CLASSES: Sr Secondary

The School basically a group of students running a centre for non formal primary education and social upliftment, running with the mutual effort of a commune of about 30 members. For more than thirteen years,it has been providing free education and imparting better moral and social values along with essential backups and support to our under privileged brethren.

The children residing in slums in India fail to aspire for a better future because of the confined notion and thoughts prevailing in their minds. The irresistible state of deprivation and dispossession lead them to the endless way of pettiness. They are unable to even imagine a better circumstance simply because they are either not aware of it, or are not competent enough to understand it. Social work groups in general apply a much-committed yet inefficient approach. They identify children who are already in their early teens as the section of the population that is in need of value education. This is primarily due to the fact that by this age these youngsters are part of a scene that is constitutionally termed as 'child labour'. The results of the attempt to educate at an age when an individual is already accustomed to his/her surrounding and is overburdened by the social and family pressure are far too exhausting and far less promising.

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