Shri Jyoti Prakash Sr Sec School, Rohtak

Address:VPO Jassia, Gohana Road, Rohtak, Haryana-124001

Phone: 01262 227600, 246876
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CLASSES: Senior Secondary


Smart Class:-
Jyoti Prakash pattern of teaching demands audio-visual tools and so we have Smart boards installed in each and every classroom to make the teaching and training sessions more interactive, illustrative and interesting. In this modern world, when students get attached to technology so soon, smart board teaching has proved to be a boon for an educational institution.

Classrooms at SJP Rohtak are not simply the rooms with boards but they are equipped with teaching aids such as Smart boards, Whiteboards and Bulletin Boards which enables the students to remain involved in teaching sessions. SJP pattern of teaching demands classroom boards to be filled with current academic topic and so the teachers always keep their boards up-to-date.

Computer Lab:-
In modern fast moving world, where world is computer centered, it is of utmost importance to train students to become computer-friendly. And so, the school provides all necessary equipments and competent teachers to nurture the students with computing skills. They are made familiar with software packages used in modern business applications and programming skills are given appropriate focus.

Medical Facilities:-
School has a hygienic medical room equipped with required medicines. The qualified doctor looks after health and hygiene of the students. Apart from this, team of specialist doctors regularly monitor the students and take preventive and restrictive measures.

The school has appointed alert and responsible guards at the gate to screen the visitors and restrict the entry of unwanted people. Apart from the driver and conductor, a care taker is sent in every bus for safety and security of JPS.The school is entirely covered under CCTV cameras to monitor the activities and behavior of people.

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Updated on: [August 02, 2019]