Tender Heart School, Ranchi

Address:Tupudana, Behind Adwait Ashram, PO. Hatia, National Highway-75, Bogaicholi, Ranchi, Jharkhand-835221

Phone: 0651 3208106, 3203187

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Website: tenderheartschool.com
CLASSES: Nursery to XIIth

subjects – Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Maths, Social Science and Computer. Apart
from attaining just theoretical knowledge, it's also aimed at “learning by doing”. These
labs help to enhance the learning ability and skills with hands on material.

ii) Library : We have a rich library that consist of many course books and other
informative books of fiction, drama, poetry, general knowledge, science, myths and
facts, mathematics, etc. that enhances the vocabulary and reading skills of the
students. Students are not allowed to bring their personal books in the library. There
are more than 8000 books in the library including journals and they are issued to the
students during the library classes.

iii) School Conveyance: The agency provides a number of buses for
transportation. The buses reach almost all the areas of the town. Students must reach
their designated bus-stops at least 10 minutes prior to the appointed time to ensure
that they do not miss their buses. All buses run on the specified routes only.
iv) Bank of India Extension Counter: The school has an extension counter in
the Bank of India, Tupudana, where the students can pay their fees. Salaries to school
staff are paid through this counter only.

v) Sick Room: There is a well-equipped and hygienic sick room in our school
provided with all the first aid facilities that are given in case of emergency. The parents
concerned are informed if any child needs specials attention. In case of acute
emergency there are facilities to send the students back to their homes after providing
first aid.

vi) e-learning : The school is completely equipped with wi-fi system, giving all the
e-learning facilities, through Designmate Software, Ahmadabad. It provides all the
CBSE syllabus of classes I to XII. It has converted the entire textbooks into colourful 3-
D animated movies with interactive games and puzzles. Bringing a visually beautiful
and interesting learning experience, thus enhancing the student’s learning and
retention capabilities.

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