Pioneer Montessori School, Vikas Nagar

Address:Sector-1, Kursi Road, Vikas Nagar, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

Phone: 0522 2738420, 6543759

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CLASSES: Montessori to XIIth

Pioneer Montessori schools stand for Perfection, innovation, open mindedness, nationalism, education and excellence and rejuvenation. We believe that education is not complete without a proper value system. Besides, any method needs to be constantly improvised to keep in tune with the changing world but, at the same time, never really drifting away from its core values.

Students of all classes should attend prayer meetings in the morning. Students coming late may not be allowed to enter the class without the principal's permission.
Parents or their servants are not allowed to enter any class-room.
No child should be absent without a prior written leave application. In case of contagion illness, the child is not allowed to attend school without a fitness certificate from an authorised medical practitioner..
The school does not accept responsibility for loss of books, money, clothes and other items belonging the student. Each child is responsible for his/her own belongings.
Every child is expected to contribute to the values and standards of the school by his/her conduct.
Students should keep their bicycles at the school cycle stand properly locked. School authorities will not be held responsible for any loss of unlocked cycles kept in the cycle stand.
No child is allowed to bring mobile phone. Use of motor cycle or moped without a valid driving licence from government is strictly prohibited.
It is compulsory for students to participate in school function, sports cultural and literary activities.
No child will be allowed to leave school during, school hours. In exceptional circumstances, the child will be allowed to go with the permission of the principal and accompanied by his/her parents.
No jewellery is to be worn ( except a wrist watch) and no make-up of any kind is to be used. Nails are to be kept trimmed.

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