Bal Vikas Progressive School, Panipat

Address:Village Jatol, Panipat, Haryana-132103

Phone: 9416012268, 9896432268

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CLASSES: Sr. Secondary

It is an English medium, Co-educational CBSE affiliated school having educationists, intellectuals and prominent professionals as members of the Management Committee.

Bal Vikas Progressive school supports an education system that emphasizes "Experiential learning". The focus is on challenging the students to explore new ideas and hone their capabilities and skills. It is an institution that believes in going beyond academics and places special emphasis on extracurricular activities, which are crucial to the overall growth of the child. Our belief is that there is a musician, a dancer, an orator and an artist hidden in every child waiting to be discovered .We ensure that every child gets the opportunity to speak, dance and perform thereby overcoming their inhibition

Our constant effort is to empower our students and create leaders of tomorrow. We aim to create a stimulating and engaging atmosphere which will enhance a child's latent potential and add extra brilliance to every facet of a child's personality which will help him to stand apart. Our classrooms and activities are designed in such a manner that they put a child at ease and stimulate learning. For us, it is imperative that the school be a place where a child is happy.

Sports form a very important part of our daily routine and every student is encouraged to choose and participate in at least one sport

The students are provided nutritious, healthy and delicious meals. The idea is not only to provide healthy meals and nourishment but also train the students in the basic etiquette of eating right.

We lay great emphasis on Value Education Programme. It helps children become aware of our rich heritage as well as values that are a unique part of our culture and tradition in a meaningful yet fun way.

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