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CLASSES: Play School

If a child canít learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they can learn! And thatís the motto of our play school in Steady Steps and probably that is one of the main reason making us one of the best play school in Delhi!

A play school has a very vital role to play in the upbringing of a child. It is the foundation days of a childís emotional, mental, social and physical status.

Crafting a Childhood is similar to the setting the foundation of a building. If the foundation lacks basic concrete, the completed structure is sure to get affected.

Every parent desires to give the best possible facilities to their children from the very beginning phase of their life, and choosing the correct platform for their education is one of the most important thing among all other.

This is where choosing steady steps would prove to be one of your best decisions as it is known to be the best play school in Delhi.

We often come across a question? Why play schools, when we can educate our kids at our home too. We have some awesome points to enlighten you on this:

In play schools your child learns to socialize. At home he/she is under their parentsí guidance and so is very comfortable but once out of their place and comfort zone that brain also broadens. Slowly, may be not at first, but the child feels improves more than being just at home.
Socializing also gives them confidence which in turn make them overcome their shyness, which is very important.
They learn to express their views open to everyone, which will later help them in presenting themselves in front of many. They learn to adjust. They learn that they will have to make their own path in midst of many.
The education given at home is based on oneís perspective but in a play school there are many who will be working towards shaping them up in the right manner.

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