ST Xaviers International School, Patiala

Address:Shanti Nagar, Near Urban Estate, Patiala, Punjab-147002

Phone: 0175 2280764
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CLASSES: Senior Secondary

This school was started in the sacred memory of Father Francis Xavier who visited India around 1541 to spread the Gospel of Lord Jesus Christ. By means of his own experience, he advised. his comrades:
“Each one should strive to win the battle of his own heart before setting out to reform others. The way to conquer fear is to find courage totally in God. The road to true progress for a man is to show himself great in little things.
After Ignatius assigned him to the mission in India and the Orient “Go and set the world on fire’ he reached India after a thirteen – month long voyage to bring the Gospel to those who did not live it, and to those who had not heard of it before. It had taken a great deal of courage to walk through the crowded streets of India, ringing his little bell and preaching in halting imperfect speech. He carried charts to convey Christian truths and moved from village to village and port to port. After spending three years in India, Francis had been able to count 20.000 new Christians in thirty different villages. He helped the poor, attended the sick and wanted all the educated people to use their God-given talents to make this world a better place to live in. He visited Japan and went to China with the same mission. On December 3, 1 552 due to ill health Francis Xavier went to the lap of Christ he had loved so much on this earth.

Visitors: [1416]

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