Ludhiana Sahodaya School Complex, Ludhiana

Address:Shastri Nagar, Ludhiana, Punjab

Phone: 0161 2225133, 2548740
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CLASSES: Sr Secondary

There are many CBSE affiliated schools in Ludhiana but before 1989 there was no common platform where the Principals of these schools could formally meet and share their experience with each other. It was a long felt need of these schools that there should be some mechanism so that the Principals of these schools might interact and the students of these schools should also get a chance to show their talents and skills in games, sports and co-curricular activities. This vision ultimately resulted into the birth of LSSC in 1989 with seven schools becoming its members. The aim was to have maximum co-operation among these schools to nurture and draw out the hidden potential of the students in games, sports and C.C.A. Keeping this in view first Athletic Meet of the LSSC was held in 1990. Further, the concept of common Question Papers in English & Maths for IX & XI was introduced in 1992. There are 4 Sahodayas in Ludhiana viz. Ludhiana Central, Ludhiana West, Ludhiana East & LSSC. The movement of Ludhiana Sahodaya Schools Complex gained such a momentum and popularity that now there are 40 schools as its member. At present there are different disciplines in sports and games, numerous C.C.A activities along with common Question Papers for IX and XI in all the major subjects.

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