Care Plus World Play School, Mehrauli

Address:1092/1, Near Ambawat Complex, Bus Terminal, Mehrauli, New Delhi, -110030

Phone: 011 26645556
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CLASSES: Play Group to Primary

Care Plus World a dedicated company for the happiness of the young.A team of lovers who believe in following the child than pushing them. A kid will always be a kid, and grows naturally, we just have to care about his environment and health. Rest is all magic.
As an ISO 9000:2001 certied company, we envision the potential of your kids beyond the household. A domestic help will always care according to their learnings. But there is more to your child care, investing in their interpersonal skills when they are as nascent as clay. Putting focus in their health and hygiene effects the future.

What you spend on your child becomes an investment when it comes through a thorough process. A learning. At all times we keep our senses open to keep up with the infants and their needs every second.Itís in their nature to be happy and remain in bliss we justkeep them occupied for the same. 24 hours care for
babies to keep you doing what you do. Work, aspire, fun and role play.

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Updated on: [November 06, 2019]