St Johns Diocesan Girls Higher Secondary School

Address:17, Sarat, Bose Road, Kolkata, West Bengal-700020

Phone: 033 24753905

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CLASSES: High School

ABOUT US - Our school was first started in 1876 by Miss Angelina Hoare and Miss Milman, both missionaries from England and it was named Diocesan Mission School. In 1894, the administration of the school was handed over to the Sisters of the Community of John the Baptist Convent, Clewer, England, who named it St. John's Diocesan School.

It gained Government recognition only in 1900. The first batch of students appeared for their Matriculation Examination in 1909. In the same compound, an offshoot of the High School, the Dio College was started.

Diocesan College, Calcutta. Now part of St John's Diocesan Girls' Higher Secondary SchoolOur institution initially pioneered enlightened education for girls in West Bengal. Then, ours was the first and only Christian College for women in this city. The recognition of the college was revoked later, because one of our students Smt. Beena Das (renowned freedom fighter of West Bengal) shot at Stanley Jackson, the then Governor of Bengal.
There were many Clewer sisters who taught but it was Sister Dorothy Francis during whose tenure as the principal the reputation of the school was at its zenith. She was awarded Kaiser-e-Hind for contribution towards woman's education

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