Wisdom School, Hisar

Address:South By-pass, , Aadhar Hospital Road, Hisar, Haryana-125001

Phone: 01662-250111
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Website: www.wisdomschoolhisar.com

Wisdom School provides an education that meets each student's interests, abilities and needs and promotes an appreciation for diversity in our community as an integral part of school life. The school encourages students to develop leadership qualities, intellectual independence, creativity, curiosity and a sense of responsibility toward others both within the School and in the community at large

At The Wisdom School, we stress upon interrelationship among students, faculty, parents and the community. All people involved in The Wisdom School have the right and responsibility to share their ideas, their knowledge, and their feelings with one another. The school provides an environment that encourages open communication.

Wisdom School will emphasize the ethical and moral development of its students, and lively discussions focusing on values, which evolve naturally from our curriculum. Guided by values the School prepares students to "go forth unafraid" not only as academically strong individuals but also as informed, intuitive and responsible social citizens who have the ability to lead.

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