Pushp Niketan School, Dhampur

Address:Dhampur Sugar Mills, Dhampur, Uttar Pradesh

Phone: 01344 220179

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Website: www.pushpniketan.com

Pushp Niketan School is located in a semi urban town of Dhampur in the Dhampur Sugar Mills campus in Bijnor district of Uttar Pradesh State in India. It is situated in a beautiful lush green campus, loved by children. It is visualized to be a world class model for progressive education with child centric education philosophy, pedagogies and processes. Here, we have established a non hierarchical, alternative school promoting excellence in learning and sound values in a safe, supporting and stimulating environment. The school is a nonprofit venture and caters to the people residing in and around Dhampur town and rural areas near by Dhampur.

This school has been started to bring in high quality thematic/inquiry based child-centered education methodologies to small towns and rural areas. A great thought behind this project is ďa lot is happening in the cities, not in small towns, so letís join hands in raising the quality of life and education in small towns like Dhampur. We believe that quality education remains the bedrock for integrated social development. Pushp Niketan has emerged as a unique model for imparting world class education to rural population.

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