MKD Children Academy, Dhampur

Address:Munni Devi Temple, near Forest Office, Dhampur, Uttar Pradesh-246761

Phone: 01344 220606
01344 220605
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The cultural activities at M. K. D. Children Academy are considered to be an effective means of education, training and learning. The school wishes the students and teachers to be earnest about these activities as we feel that scholastic efficiency and attitudes are equally essential. To achieve the objective of health, hope and harmony, the school proposes to offer a comprehensive package of creative and cultural activities. We have rooms for music and dance, arts and crafts, a sports room for indoor games and a lush green playground for outdoor sports and activities.

Our facilities also include multimedia computers, interactive smart boards (whiteboards), projectors, educational software, state-of-the-art science and computer laboratories and well stocked libraries. Click the button below to learn more about them and to see what they look like inside!

Students at M. K. D. Children Academy are encouraged to develop a keen sense of self-identity and positive self esteem. Diversity is valued highly and students develop a good understanding on their multi-cultural world. The school embodies the essential ingredients of a global school, always striving to stay on the cutting edge of new and sound educational programmes. The school has a student body that excels in academia and extracurricular endeavours, staff that is committed to excellence and a supportive parent community.

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