Shikhar Shishu Sadan

Address:Dhampur, Uttar Pradesh

Phone: 01344 230393, 230139

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A vibrant school system revolves around itself through the year in rhythm. School community relations are of paramount importance for building a powerful brand in providing education that effectively addresses present future challenges.
Shikharians have drawn, applause for their merit and talent evidently are glimpse in the following lines. I am happy to share some of our achievements of the session like celebration of the visit of Mahatama Gandhi on 13th Oct. 1929, our Founders day, Teacherís Day, New year celebration. The result graph of X and XII has been showing the upward trend. Besides this the co-operation of the parents is extended which is definitely going to evolve a dynamic successful system, I have staunch believe that the parents are not only the pay masters but a free pool of divers human resource A satisfied parent is a free of cost ambassador to the school.
I am proud of my teaching faculty who are always ready to go up to any extent which means with a sense of commitment, energetic and enthusiastic spirit for achieving the dream target.
I want to thank the citizens of Dhampur specially the parents of the Shikhar who have always admire and encouraged us with their helpful and modern outlook. I hope they will continue to co-operate and support us in our tireless efforts of shaping the future of the children.
In the end I feel immense pleasure to mention my students who have show faith in my colleagues and me, is has made my task easier and smooth. My pupils have been disciplined, inquisitive, obedient and never hesitating to take active part in all school activities yet ever humbly willing to learn.

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