Don Bosco School, Purnia

Address:Mariam Nagar, , Purnia, Bihar-854301

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Seekers of wisdom, welcome to the website of Don Bosco School Purnea!

Don Bosco envisioned a true education system as Preventive System of education which is built on the three pillars of Reason, Religion and Loving Kindness. A child needs to be reasoned out–whatever a parent is doing, teacher is doing, elder is doing, peer is doing should have a reason behind – it may be for a short time or for a long time- so that the child is encouraged to think, speak and do with reason. “A child is created by God and sustained by the Divine Almighty and led to the Creator at last” is the concept instilled in the mind of child through the pillar of Religion and child becomes a Divine Oriented and God Fearing person. Love and Kindness conquer everything, including the child. Love mixed with firmness brings true wholistic formation of a child. All these are possible by the continued accompanying presence of the educator among the children. In this way the Preventive System of education brings out Divine Oriented People and Responsible and Honest Citizens for the world.

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