Harrow English School, Darbhanga

Address:Sara Mohanpur, Darbhanga, Bihar-846007

Phone: 06272 253476
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Website: www.harrowenglishschool.in

HARROW ENGLISH SCHOOL, DARBHANGA was founded on Jan, 20 1994. It is run by the MITHILA EDUCATIONAL AND SOCIAL WELFARE TRUST, Kathalbari, Darbhanga. The basic aim of the school is the overall development of the students with special emphasis on their carrier buildup. The school has become a senior secondary school. There is facility of co-education and so the campus discipline is of paramount importance. Special care is taken at the time of the appointment of the teachers so that they may be competent enough to go deep into the psychology of the students while imparting teaching in the classroom. An honest endeavour is made to know the aptitude of the students so that the qualities dormant in them to motivate a desire to participate in various cultural programmes organized form time to time and those who demonstrate their merit are properly rewarded in the form of prizes and certificates and naturally get encouraged to do still better in their next attempt, so to say, it is the aim of the school to grow in them a sense of competition and at the same time to accept the failure positively to make it a success ultimately. To further promote the meritorious students belonging to the poor income group, scholarships are provided strictly on the basis of merit and financial status of the candidates. There are excursion for boys and girls twice a year preferably during summer and X-mas. The School administration tries its best to generate a sense of we-feeling among the students irrespective of their class or caste.

To develop co-ordination between mind & limbs.
To motivate the child towards reading, writing & learning.
To modify attitude towards himself, towards nature & toward society.
To achieve our motto, we plan to enthuse student to engage themselves in acting, group discussions, seminar, symposium, debate, elocution, games and sports so that a board outlook leadership qualities and the ability to compete with the very best are developed in our students.

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