Uma Milind Pawar High School, Devgad

Address:Satpayari Road, At Post Devgad, Taluka Devgad`, District Sindhudurg, Devgad, Maharashtra-416613

Phone: 02364 262230
02364 262830
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The outcome of all the sincere efforts by every individual in this organization has resulted to put this school very high in the society of Devgad & its vicinity. The utmost part to be mentioned here is, students are getting admitted here from all over Devgad taluka. Some students come here all the way from neighboring talukas, which are almost 40 to 50 kilometers from Devgad.

We insist upon the discipline in students’ right from their first day in school. To develop their moral socially and individually as well, this organization takes special efforts. As a part of it, the most modern digitized school management system is installed here. Every student is been allotted with a ‘Smart Card’ carrying his / her entire data. This data includes student’s present - absently, monthly reports, older records, examination results etc.

CCTVs are installed in a school premise which is viewable to the management using online streaming.

To make learning more efficient, the classrooms are converted as ‘Digital Classrooms’ using TATA Edge Classroom software. These classrooms are well equipped with a home theatre, LCD projector & internet. Learning software by TATA Edge consists of multimedia interactive sessions. It includes numerous videos related to their syllabus wherever necessary. Because of use of live internet, necessary information can be found within seconds. Along with all these modern amenities; blackboards are been replaced with digital boards & digital pens. This is the only school in Sindhudurg district providing such kinds of facilities.

This is a purely non granted school. No periodical grants are availed by government or any other entity.

Many English medium schools in Devgad taluka has been closed down due to unavailability of government permissions. In this scenario, our school is growing better because of the sincere, honest staff & capable management. We are keen in obeying all the terms & conditions put up by the government. Records are maintained in a proper manner and it is provided to the government prior in time whenever asked.

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Updated on: [July 23, 2022]