Red Fort International Public School, Rishikesh

Address:Visthapit Colony, Near Shiv Chowk, Nirmal Block B, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand-249204

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Education for the future is not about studying hundreds of books but to create a mind that can learn, unlearn and relearn at ease in all environments.

We at Red Fort International School believe that all children are unique and no one can be compared with another. One may not reach great heights in the formal grades of education but in some other avenues, he might be an icon. Our school culture helps students find their own perfection in their very own way.

As a progressive school that caters to all-round development of the child, we take care of the Psychological, Physical, Social and Spiritual development of the child. Proximity to the sages of Himalayan tradition, the living light of Devabhumi, the Uttarakhand region dubbed as the land of Gods, yoga culture and our Sanskrit-based values enable our students to grow spiritually. The military background of the founder and systematically developed martial culture fosters sports and spirit of adventure in the students.

We are a modern educational institution that uses technology as a tool and global languages as means of communication to teach traditional values of the Indian Diaspora and the enormous knowledge that we have inherited for the past 5000 years. When a student passes out of Red Fort International School we expect him or her to be a proud patriot who is nationalist by nature and globalist in thoughts.

At Red Fort International we keep the tradition of Indian education alive, its an educational system that has gone through a wide spectrum of change starting from Gurukul, traversing through conventional schools of the socialist thoughts and currently going through Smart bag-less school that caters to the tech-savvy child. But hidden in between all these changes is a constant factor that defines Indian Education and were nurturing it.

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Updated on: [July 23, 2022]