The Raman Public School, Chandauli

Address:Negura, Chandauli, Uttar Pradesh-232101

Phone: 9450936874

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"Making a Difference to Education so that education can make a differance to the world"
The Raman Public School is a Green School spread over a sprawling 2.5 acre campus.
As we stand at the threshold of a new era, the role a education has changed. In the current scenario education needs to prepare the learners to meet the challaenges and demands of the ever-changing Society. At The Raman Public School, we believe that today's Child is tomorrow's adult. So, one has to ge beyond the traditional methods and ensure deucation for understanding that is excellent in quality, engages personally and prepares to global citizens that are ready to face the challenges of the brave new world.
We at Raman Public School aim at providing Education that Every child deserves and our eddeavour is to go beyond the traditional methods to ensure excellence along with providing a strong base in ethics, the disciple's mind goes beyond facts and standardized tests.
Laying special emphasis on language development we have language studios that help our learners to acquire a deeper understanding of their chosen language with lessons in pronunciation, voice modulation, etc. The Raman Public School also takes care of the placements after school. It is a school where learning is fun and exciting.

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