Nymph Academy, Jaipur

Address:Anupam vihar, Gandhi Path (West), Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan

Phone: 9875145171, 9214433075

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Website: www.nymphacademy.com

Welcome to the website of NYMPH ACADEMY School. 'Nymph Academy' Is not just the name of our school. It stands for the hope, trust, and belief that thousands of parents have bestowed upon us, since its foundation. And the reason is not our greatness, but the greatness of our values and culture which we always followed and preserved.

Your wards become our sacred responsibility once they enter the portals of NYMPH ACADEMY. We believe in the intrinsic uniqueness of each child as far as learning abilities and talents are concerned. We are committed to the happy task of ferreting, stimulating and developing the talent capabilities of our students. Our faculty members are not mere purveyor of facts but are rather mentors and facilitators who use the latest techniques of pedagogy to motivate students to explore, acquire and assimilate knowledge.

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