St Josephs School, Birsinghpur Pali

Address:PO Birsinghpur Pali , Umaria , Madhya Pradesh-484551

Phone: 07655 262255
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St. Joseph’s School is an English medium school opened and administered by the St. Joseph’s Mission Birsinghpur Pali to provide better educational facilities in a homely atmosphere to the children of the citizens of India. It was founded with a focus to provide a holistic education with a strongsense of values, combining academic excellence, state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities matching the global standards. The dream of our team was to establish an institution that would provide education in imaginative, creative and positive ways to bring out the best in the students of different learning and performing abilities. We wanted to establish a community where children can discover who they are and where their interests lie, giving them an opportunity to utilize their
energies positively. We envisaged an atmosphere where they would have the courage to take their minds for a walk and ask questions; a comfort zone where they would think and relax

Visitors: [957]

Updated on: [September 11, 2018]