Zion School, Sangareddy

Address:Ahmed Nagar, Sangareddy, Telengana-502001

Phone: 084552 71353

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Website: www.zionschool.org
CLASSES: Senior Secondary

We light the flame of learning in students by creating the desire to learn within them. We stress on the development of the creative thinking, communication skills and character building parents generally expects the schools to prepare their children for the future. They expect the educational institutes to impart the necessary capabilities to meet tomorrow’s global challenges. They like to see that their wards have the capacity to solve complex problems; the ability to think out of the box; the confidence to speak in front of audience; spiritual strength to more mountains and leadership qualities that will help them succeed in life.

We try to fulfil all the needs of your children and provide them the best of learning environment. We give them the best education, so that they may become “successful” individuals. We focus on moral values necessary to be successful individuals and better human beings.

We provide strong foundation of education and learning for your children which is essential for future excellence and higher education. We treat every child as special and focus on each and every individual child so that no one may left behind in the process of learning.

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Updated on: [February 16, 2019]