Crescent Public School, Fatehabad

Address:Bhodia Khera Road, NH-10, Sirsa Road, Fatehabad, Haryana-125050

Phone: 9467292050, 9992612626

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CLASSES: Class Ist to XIIth

Crescent Public school Fatehabad is run by Modern Education Society, Fatehabad.
The teaching of various subjects from class nursery onwards is non-mechanical. The concept of the subjects taught in the school is made clear to the children in a manner that they may get interested in these subjects.

The school has the conducive atmosphere for the teaching learning process for the all round development of the pupils. Their personal experience added with curiosity stimulated by the contemporary staff to do work in the environment that this school provides stimulates and encourages developing self confidence in every student of this school. This school claims to take personal care of each student ensuring that he is all the time relaxed and this is the peculiarity of this school.

The enlightened people of the district Fatehabad who have watched the functioning of our school with considerable critical interest are the witness to the fact that the school has made a concrete academic contribution to the society. It has been reckoned as a school with difference perhaps unique in itself. The teaching approaches and the integrity of the staff and the administration are of the quality that a common school lacks.

A particular mention must be made of the fact that what we know about education is being used very ingeniously to suit the needs of the children of our school.
In short Crescent Public School represents a decent effort in taking initiative to impart education in an innovative and unconventional manner.

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