Pushpalata British International School Tirunelvel

Address:Sivanthipatti Road, Thiyagaraja Nagar, Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu-627011

Phone: 0462 2532824
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Website: www.pushpalataschools.com
CLASSES: Senior Secondary

PBIS provides a cheery and cozy ambience that makes the children feel invited in. The eco friendly campus with lush lawn and scenic garden grants the children an ideal and aesthetically pleasing environment for learning. PBIS always endeavours to provide the best of facilities and services to the learners.

PBIS houses an up-to-date and highly advanced science laboratory with the latest equipment for Physics, Chemistry and Biology. The well-equipped laboratory lends a hand in enhancing the scientific temperament amongst students and in fostering a profound interest in the field. High definition digital projecting microscope is the latest addition to the laboratory.

Montessori room is a home away from home for our kindergarteners. The layout of the classroom encourages exploration and development at all levels. The students use the beautifully crafted Montessori materials for their investigation, manipulation and skill development. These classrooms kindle the love and interest for learning amongst the tiny tots.

Music room is where our young PBISians bring to life the dormant musicians in them. We provide music classes from The Trinity College of Piano and they also learn to play other musical instruments like keyboard, guitar, violin, drums etc. The children also learn to sing songs of various cultures thus inculcating appreciation for music of the world.

Our children get the privilege of having a full course of nutritious meal daily, beginning with a starter and ending with a dessert through our school kitchen, equipped with modern dinner ware.

With our newly installed High definition Telescope, our children need not go away from school to explore the stars. The PBIS Space Observatory will do us the job.

An advanced lab fully equipped to assemble robots of current age use is also set up at PBIS and works to collaborate robotic technology in all phases of life.

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