Bishnupur High School, Bankura

Address:College Road, Bishnupur, Bankura, West Bengal-722122

Phone: 03242 252070
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Welcome to Bishnupur High School

Bishnupur High School is one of the oldest schools of the country, established in 1879 by then British Govt. At that time, Bishnupur High School(BHS) was named ‘Bishenpur H.E. School.’ Even today, if one can see that name in front of office gate. There is a popular story behind this linguistic distortion; “The Europeans couldn’t pronounce Bengali name ‘Bishnupur’ correctly so that they made it easier for themselves to keep the name Bishenpur”. In that period, generally Britishers, Jamindar, Raja, Maharaja used to study in this school. Actually this school has a heritage value like any other old temple of Bishnupur, or cannon from the Mallaraj period. Every nook and corner of this school tell some story from the pages of history. Earlier in the colonial era it was a school only for boys but now girls can take admission for the +2 level. This school is located in Bishnupur, Bankura, West Bengal, in front of Rashmanch, a great historical place. This school is affiliated to WBCHSE. Bishnupur High School (BHS) is one of the best schools in west Bengal. The unparalleled infrastructure, adequate teaching faculty and impeccable management make all the difference. Every department has dedicated teachers who play multifaceted role in helping the students to attain their academic, cultural, and athletic goals. This school has almost 1600-1800 students and around 60 teachers teaching them. Bishnupur High School (B.H.S.) owns more than 90 bighas of land. Three sprawling playgrounds are big enough to accommodate more than two cricket stadia. The school building is big enough to accommodate more than 2700 students. Bishnupur High School (BHS) is just another Govt. The Science and computer laboratories are perfect for any pupil aspiring to be a devotee of science and technology. Behind office there is a huge hall which alone can accommodate 2000 students at a time. At the rainy season, the prayer session is conducted in that hall. Bishnupur High School (B.H.S.), Bankura, West Bengal also owns a boy’s hostel and suitable accommodation for teachers.

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