St Josephs School, Kanchrapara

Address:Lake Town, District 24 Pargana, Kanchrapara, West Bengal-741250

Phone: 033 25852517
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CLASSES: Senior Secondary

May God be glorified! In all things and everywhere May his Holy will be done! This was the consuming desire of this dynamic woman.

The story of her life, as we know it and as it is reflected in 1041 of her letters is the story of her use of Godís gifts, her correspondence with His grace. She used every ounce of effort, her whole life through to carry out the mission that she felt was entrusted to her by God. Before she died at the age of seventy she was still trying, still making a fresh start. By then (1851) she had established Convents-all-over the world in Africa, S. America, India (1826), West Indies and Islands of the Indian Ocean Pacific and Atlantic, where houses of education, Leper settlements, Rehabilitation centers of emancipated slaves, hospitals and mental Hornes, Refugee centers for the old and infirm were everywhere flourishing. A giant of a woman was Anne Marie! No wonder Nepolian called her a ĎGreat MANí! Till today, her holiness, her virtues and her dynamic leadership are constantly attracting young girls to this congregation where over 4,000 sisters of every nationality and in every clime are continuing and developing the works of their Foundress.

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