John Firth Christian English High School Lakhimpur

Address:Nakari, Ward No 6, Opposite to Old Civil Hospital, Lakhimpur, Assam-787001

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The state of Assam came under the British rule as a result of the historic "Yandaboo Treaty" of 1826. It made convenient for the American Home Mission Board, to pave the way for preaching gospel in Assam through the Baptist Missionaries of the U.S.A. In 1836, Rev Nathan Brown and in 1837 Rev. Miles Bronson two pioneer American Missionaries came to Sivsagar. These two missionaries first contributed a lot to educate the Assamese people by establishing two schools. Nathan Brown established a school in Garo Hills in 1836 as well as at Sivsagar.

Rev. John Firth, another missionary from The United States came to North Lakhimpur in 1893. At that time the entire Lakhimpur district was full of Jungle and people moved from one place to another by bullock carts or on horses, 80% people were uneducated or illiterate.

Rev. John Firth purchased a plot of land and started a lower primary school in 1893. His wife Mrs. Eva Webster Firth was a trained teacher and was looking after the school as the first principal. In course of time, other missionaries such as Rev. Joseph, Rev. C.L. Swanson,Rev. H.B. Dickson, Rev. B. Anderson, Rev. Dr.J.W. Cook, Rev. J.S. Gario, Rev.Prior, Rev. Wilbur Sorley, Rev. Dana Larson, Rev. Holm and Rev. Eric Kratophil came here one after another and took care of the school and put emphasis on educating the people of the locality. In 1946, Re. K.W.Hagstrom came to North Lakhimpur and he upgraded the school from Lower Primary School to Middle English School. When the school was upgraded, three American lady missionaries, namely Ms. Swanson, Ms. Peterson and Ms. Jolly came to North Lakhimpur. They took charge of the school as Principals. During that time, many students from Arunachal Pradesh(the then NEFA) came here to enroll their names in this school. In 1967, the school was upgraded to High School and Mrs. Meera Handique became the first Principal of the High School. The first batch of students appeared High School Leaving Certificate Examination in 1971 when cen percent students passed the HSLC Final Examination. Out of 16 students 15 students secured 1st Division and the remaining 1 in 2nd Division.

During the time of Chinese(1962) aggression, all the foreign missionaries were asked to leave Assam for Calcutta or other parts of the country by Indian Government for security reasons. Since then the school is being looked after by Lakhimpur Baptist Association (now Lakhimpur Baptist Convention) and North Bank Baptist Christian Association.

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