Radiant Model School, Silchar

Address:Uttarkrishnapur, Sonai Road, Silchar, Assam-788006

Phone: 9435918257, 9435072128

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Website: radiantmodelschool.in

School Bus Service for the students would be available from different points and therefore interested parents/guardians may register the name of their wards' to avail off the facility as permitting. Starting and ending points of the Bus Service are to be confirmed from School Office.

Since 'time and tide wait for none' hence the students are kept abreast with the fast changing computer world, and we hope that our computer wizards will do us proud in the future. Since computer learning is compulsory from CI-III onwards, it has been our endeavour to teach not only the basic techniques but also Windows based technologies to the students so that they can make use of their knowledge in real life.

Art and Craft
Art & Craft forms an integral part of the studies at the RMS, especially among the little ones. Craft classes such as beautiful fabric paintings, Stone paintings, Doll making, Jewellery made from beads, pot holders, flowers, masks, wall hangings, glass paintings and embroidery are held in the school to nurture talent.

Laboratories for Science and Computer.

CCTV Camera
The entire school campus is kept under CCTV camera surveillance.

The libraries have a vast collection of books on almost all disciplines. They are continuously replenished with the latest books and journals for study, project work and new insights.

Additional Facilities
School has a well-equipped sick room with trained nurse. Students are taken to the nearest hospital for First Aid in cases which are beyond the professional expertise of the nurse.
The school may suggest the services of a professional counseller if the authorities feel it is necessary.

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Updated on: [January 15, 2019]