Navy Children School, Karwar

Address:Naval Base, Arga, Karwar, Karnataka-581308

Phone: 08382 231328

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Navy Children School, Karwar is a fledgling and as we take our first flight into the world of education we need all your good wishes. Soon we shall fly unhindered but till then we need all the support that we can get from all especially parents who are our pillars of strength. We welcome your suggestions which we know will help us grow into a school of great repute.

The school was established in April 2011 and we are currently running the second academic session. As a school that is still evolving Navy Children School, Karwar is developing its own identity. The child is our focus and is at the centre of what we do. We recognise the importance of preserving the innate curiosity of early childhood throughout the primary years. We shall forever strive to achieve that goal.

Our school puts great emphasis on the enrichment of school culture and great efforts are put in to explore the school-based curriculum. We, at Navy Children School ,Karwar, believe in the students' all rounded and holistic development and it shall always be our endeavour to achieve it.

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Updated on: [January 09, 2019]