Ascent Girls High School, Ara

Address:Baraki Singhi, Ara, Bihar-802313

Phone: 8051904843, 9534532010

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A school plays a pivotal role in the life of every human being. Teachers are like mentors who guide students to develop a sound character, proper perspective about various things in life and build a solid foundation to prepare them for the bigger challenges of their lives. Selecting the best school that provides the suitable education, experience and environment is of paramount importance for the development of overall personality and outlook of a child.

Every person is born with an inheritance of human achievements, thoughts, ideas, understandings, works of arts, books and so on. Education should be a process of granting every individual his/her right to that inheritance.

The vision that aims at building a robust and secure structure and future of our society and country drives our commitment to bring out the very best in every child. This is what our founders ‘Lal Bihari Singh’ and ‘Mantu Kumar Singh’—men of great education, versatile temperaments, and prolific social works had in their minds when they laid the foundation of ‘Ascent Girls High School’ in 2009.

The school started its journey with meagre 10-20 students. With its highly effective way of imparting education in the most conducive, learning-friendly environment, the strength of school escalated session after session. It started gaining more popularity among people in Arrah city due to its students who displayed brilliant performance and come out with outstanding results in academics and extracurricular activities.

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Updated on: [December 11, 2018]