Indo Americam School, Sirsa

Address:Dabwali Road, Near Air Force Station, Sirsa, Haryana-125055

Phone: 9996819922, 7027506565

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Indo American Montessori School is an education based on montessori system that has been set up with a drive to change the way early years of a child are dealt with. It is a world-class institution dedicated to improving the early education system, which also means raising kids to become more capable professionals, and human beings with better values. we work towards an education system that is a combination of Indian & American way of teaching and bringing the best out of both. Here, what we believe in is teaching the kids to think and explore things through various tested and proven scientific techniques. Itís a unique opportunity to buy into a new concept that has universal and cross cultural appeal.

The Montessori education system, named after the Italian physicist Maria Montessori, rests on the belief that education is preparation for life, not just a pursuit of academic excellence and development of intellectual skills.

This method aims to capitalize on the fact that the early years are the formative years of children where they not just see the world in amazement, but start engaging and interacting with it. During these years, itís important to give them an environment that fosters creativity and helps them overcome inhibitions and learn by exploring, making mistakes, and getting better. All this is possible in a carefully fabricated environment of Montessori education under the supervision of qualified and trained teachers.

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