Nachiketan Public School, Sirsa

Address:Nachiketan Road, Mameran By Pass, Ellenabad, Sirsa, Haryana-125055

Phone: 01698 221101
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CLASSES: Senior Secondary

Nachiketan Public School is a strong 15 years old institution and we have understood that education over the years has undergone a metamorphosis. Children today have lot more opportunities and schools have realised that education has to become all important and focused today. Technology has become an integral part and developing each day and these changes have also made us realise that transaction of the curriculum and educational technology also needs to be updated with the changing times. We do realise that it is not enough to sit on our past laurels but as all dynamic institutions we need to create and recreate ourselves in creating a learning atmosphere in our schools.

On assuming the office as Director of the prestigious Nachiketan Public School, I convey my immense pleasure in getting an opportunity to work and fruitfully interact with all members of staff, students and their parents. In recent years our Educational Society has grown abundantly in its size and stature. It is our solemn duty and responsibility to ensure, that purposeful education, training of a high standard is imparted to our students to equip them to complete for various careers and course of choice in years to come and cohesive administrative facilities within available resources are made available to all for shaping up the institution towards attainment of our cherished goals.

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Updated on: [December 01, 2018]