Rishi World School, Dharuhera

Address:County Heights, M2K Country, Dharuhera, Haryana-123106

Phone: 8222046725

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Website: www.rishiworldschool.com


Teaching Faculty
Our teaching faculty is not only fully trained but highly motivated and dedicated to their work and students. A teacher with great knowledge but no drive to teach is of little use to parents or students. That is why we rigourously interview our staff and have regular training for them. This enables them to come to class with the latest teaching methodologies.
Class Size
The work that we expect our faulty to put into their class is impossible if we give them large class sizes. In this regard the management has taken a conscious decision to keep class sizes small to a manageable level.
Smart Tech Classrooms
Smart Tech Classrooms have revolutionized the methods of teaching as it has transformed the way teachers teach and students learn in schools. Sachdeva Global School has all classrooms equipped with smart boards to make classroom teaching more interesting and engaging. It stimulates the students to visually capture the more abstract concepts into concrete.

The content repository of the smart class consists of thousands of highly animated, lesson specific, 3D and 2D multimedia modules modeled as per the general CBSE curriculum. The content is in the form of modules embedded in a template that allows the teachers to teach a chosen lesson in class. Frame by frame, the teacher teaches with the engaging and instructionally sound animated set of visuals. The smart class curriculum covers right from kindergarten to twelfth grade with all the subjects. Every chapter has a set of questions designed to assess learning achieved at different cognitive levels in that specific lesson. Hence, smart class has thrown boredom out of the window by making concepts lively and interesting.

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