Little Flower School, Balangir

Address:Jyoti Nagar, Lal Tikra, Balangir, Odisha-767002

Phone: 7978386694

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CLASSES: Senior Secondary

Little Flower School, Jyotinagar was born in Bolangir on the 4 th of July 1988 in the premises of Good Shepherd Church with the motto 'Planted to bloom'. It had a humble beginning in a small building of the Church under the guidance of Fr. Richard Vaz and Sr. Celin MPV with a strength of only 35 students in L.K.G. By the Blessings of the Almighty it had a steady growth of seven years

God our friend, mother and father, may you be praised in your diversity of name and forms by the whole universe! May we experience a world guided by your values of justice, fraternity, equality, freedom, peace, hope and love! May your will be the motive force of all our dreams and actions!

Give us our daily food for body, mind and soul! Strengthen us to forget and forgive without counting the cost! Forgive us our offences as we forgive those who offended us in the past. Bless all those who offend us now with your peace!

Strengthen us always to stand for truth without fear and walk in the path of light with hope, trusts, optimism and creativity!

Protect us from all evil forces and liberate us from hatred, despair and depression! Amen!

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